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Civil Service Law is a special branch of Administrative Law which regulates the relations of civil servants and public employees in their statutory regime, rights, duties and obligations when interacting within the framework of the Public Administration.

Thus, Civil Service Law covers everything related to the rights and obligations of public employees, both civil servants and employees in their activity with the Administration, as well as everything related to jobs, access or entry system, remuneration, holidays, levels, grades, permits, leave, salary, productivity, service commissions, leaves of absence, transfer competitions, six-year periods, harassment at work, disciplinary proceedings, appeals, among other issues.

Constitutional framework

Article 103 of the Spanish Constitution sets out the principles of action of public administrations. As far as civil servants are concerned, this numeral in its third section.

Four aspects can be deduced from this constitutional precept: the establishment of a legal reserve with regard to the status of civil servants; the guarantee that access to the civil service will take place in accordance with the principles of merit and ability; the recognition that the exercise of the right to organise by civil servants presents particularities; and the regulation of a system of incompatibilities and guarantees aimed at safeguarding the impartiality of civil servants in the exercise of their functions.

It follows that Article 103 concerns the professional civil service, whether they are career civil servants, temporary or interim civil servants.

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Administrativando Abogados is a national boutique of reference dedicated exclusively to Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation (Contencioso-Administrativo). We operate throughout Spain and have offices, through various collaborations, in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Badajoz and Cordoba.

Best Civil Service Lawyers

Lawyers specialising in Public Administration deal with all types of conflicts that frequently arise between Public Administrations and their employees, whether they are civil servants or workers.

Likewise, in the links that unite workers with the Public Administrations or Entities for which they provide services, disagreements or disagreements may arise that result in the initiation, investigation and resolution of disciplinary proceedings, dismissals or salary suspensions, dismissals, discrimination in allowances, triennia, internal promotion, displacements, changes of destination, harassment, disqualifications, arbitrariness in the granting of personal days, etc.

In this way, the lawyers specialising in this area will be responsible for the study and resolution of the following matters:

  • Legal consultancy relating to the exercise of public and statutory functions.
  • Legal advice in relation to all types of selective examinations that allow access to employment in the civil service, in its different modalities: open examination and public contest, and for all types of personnel.
  • Objection of selective procedures, in each of their phases.
  • Provision of posts.
  • Professional career of civil servants.
  • Working hours, holidays and leave for civil servants.
  • Disciplinary regime (formalisation of allegations and lodging of appeals in such disciplinary proceedings).
  • Administrative status of officials.
  • Compensation of all kinds.
  • Loss of the civil servant status, situations of incompatibility and reinstatement.
  • Interim Scheme


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