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Administrativando Abogados is a firm specialising in complex mining law cases

At Administrativando, we have a team of lawyers specialised in mining law, who are ready to defend your interests with maximum intensity both in administrative proceedings and in Administrative litigation (Contencioso Administrativo) judicial proceedings.

Our mining lawyers have extensive professional experience in this field. They intervene in those procedures aimed at obtaining the corresponding mining authorisations, concessions and permits. They also deal with all types of disciplinary proceedings initiated against our clients.

In such a technical and specialised discipline, it is necessary to make use of professionals with extensive knowledge and extensive experience.

Services we provide in mining law.

Our lawyers, experts in mining law, handle the defence of the following matters:

Legal advice.

It is oriented to those interested parties whose intention is to initiate an investment project in this area, analysing what is related and relevant to mining law.

To this end, we approach the corresponding Reports or Opinions by assessing the risks and alternatives from a legal perspective.

Obtaining mining authorisations.

As mining lawyers, we carry out the necessary procedures so that our clients can obtain the corresponding mining authorisations, concessions or permits for the development of their activity.

If any of these authorisations are rejected by the mining authority, we lodge the corresponding administrative and judicial appeals.

Obtaining other types of licences.

Our mining lawyers also defend those administrative permits that are also necessary for mining operations. These include, among others, those relating to building and activity licences from the competent local council, as well as the relevant environmental authorisations.

Our firm
Administrativando Abogados is a national boutique of reference dedicated exclusively to Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation (Contencioso-Administrativo). We operate throughout Spain and have offices, through various collaborations, in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Badajoz and Cordoba.

Defence in disciplinary proceedings.

We accompany our clients throughout the entire administrative sanctioning procedure in mining matters. Both in the phase of allegations, against the initiation agreement or the proposed resolution, and in administrative and administrative litigation appeals, against the final resolution.

We also prepare and formalise administrative complaints against third parties who have committed a mining law infringement.

Expropriation proceedings.

Our lawyers in mining law, intervene in all the phases that make up those procedures tending to the expropriation or forced occupation of mining exploitations.

Additional actions.

We also provide services in procedures for the cancellation of registrations, classification of mining resources, expiry of permits, transfer of mining rights, among others.

Our team of lawyers in mining law acts throughout Spain and is at your disposal to deal with any case with maximum speed, professionalism, and specialisation.


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