Lawyers specialising in water law

Administrativando Abogados is a law firm specialising in complex water law cases

We have professionals of the highest level who are perfectly prepared to defend any procedure related to water law.

We offer specialised intervention in all types of projects requiring the strategic design of water resources and their use for any of the following purposes: human consumption, agriculture, industry, mining and electricity generation.

All this from the point of view of current water and environmental legislation.

Our lawyers specialising in water law deal with actions such as the management and obtaining of authorisations and concessions from the competent water authorities (Hydrographic Confederations), transfers of water rights, preparation of legal reports, studies of titles and legal audits, among many others.

More specifically, the following actions should be mentioned:

Services we provide in water law.

Legal Advice

We advise those clients who intend to undertake any investment project or simply the acquisition of a property, in relation to the affectation that they may have in terms of water rights.

On a recurring basis, our lawyers specialising in water law, deal with the preparation of legal-technical reports, by virtue of which the possibilities of implementing irrigation on a rustic farm are analysed, increasing exponentially the value of the same.

Obtaining titles for irrigation.

We intervene in the processing of proceedings relating to authorisations and concessions for the use of water for different purposes.

We also carry out the appropriate follow-up in relation to the procedures for the registration in the water catalogue and register of private historical rights and the legalisation of water resource abstractions.

Our lawyers specialising in water law, act in proceedings for private use by legal provision (wells of less than 7,000 cubic metres and rainwater or runoff water).

We also handle procedures for the transfer of water rights, modification of the characteristics of titles that have been granted, and those relating to the execution or legalisation of hydraulic works or actions in watercourses, among others.

Our team of lawyers specialising in water law also provides due assistance in those procedures relating to the protection of the public water domain (authorisations in police zones, flood zones, urban planning, etc.).

Our firm
Administrativando Abogados is a national boutique of reference dedicated exclusively to Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation (Contencioso-Administrativo). We operate throughout Spain and have offices, through various collaborations, in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Badajoz and Cordoba.

Sanctioning proceedings in water law.

We deal with administrative sanctioning procedures for infringement of water and environmental regulations. We formalise the appropriate allegations and file the corresponding administrative and contentious-administrative appeals.

We also file administrative complaints against third parties who may have violated the law in this area.

Irrigation communities

As water lawyers, we advise Irrigation Communities both in the constitution process and in their day-to-day management.

Modifications and termination of irrigation titles.

We participate in those procedures aimed at modifying the characteristics of the exploitations, as well as in those in which the Hydrographic Confederation in question proposes their extinction.

Our team of water law lawyers provides services throughout Spain and is always at the client’s disposal to deal with their problems and find the best legal approach.


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