Who are we?

We are Administrativando Abogados, one of the leading national law boutiques dedicated exclusively to defending administrative law and administrative litigation proceedings of the highest legal complexity.

The firm’s management comes from renowned international law firms where they have held positions of management and coordination of teams in the respective departments of Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation.

Our principles are based on specialisation, honesty, as well as the utmost rigour and dedication in each of the procedures entrusted to us. We always treat our clients in a close and professional manner.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals in Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation. In order to guarantee the highest quality and legal rigour, our Managing Partner, Antonio Benítez Ostos, is involved in the guidance of the procedures, together with the assigned lawyers.

Emérita Legal‘s prestigious objective ranking of judicial performance, as of 1 September 2022, places us as the number 1 law firm in Spain in Administrative Law.

We are the first law firm in Spain dedicated exclusively to administrative law, with our own training school in the areas of our speciality: Administrativando Business School, where we train professionals in our expertise.

In June 2022, we have been recognised as a national success story by the organisers of the Spain Legal Expo. This is the first legal and business fair in Spain, which was held at Ifema (Madrid).

As a result of our experience, dedication, enthusiasm and specialisation, we have a very high success rate in the proceedings we defend.

Who hires us?

We intervene in matters of great social, legal, political and economic relevance. Among many other profiles, throughout our career we have advised IBEX 35 companies, multinationals, banks, investment funds, football clubs, individuals, public administrations and their senior officials, among others.

We have been involved in a number of high-profile cases. Among the most recent, we can highlight:

  • We represent the Victims of the Alvia accident before the Administrative Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Madrid. We requested an independent technical investigation into the second most serious rail accident in Spain.
  • We are defending the “Asociación Internivelar de Profesores de francés”, before the “Sala de lo Contencioso-Administrativo del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid”, against Decree 59/2020, of 29 July, of the “Consejo de Gobierno de la Comunidad de Madrid”, which reduces French teaching to one hour per week.
  • We successfully participated in the appeal against the tender for the centralised purchase of personal protective equipment by the Community of Madrid to deal with COVID-19, with an estimated value of one billion euros.
  • We were successful in a administrative litigation appeal before the highest court of law – the Supreme Court – obtaining a favourable judgement sentencing the Ministry of Finance to pay 2.8 million euros to our client, Hotel Sol Marbella, managed by Meliá.
  • We are preparing an appeal (casación and amparo), in relation to the liability for damages in the well-known “case of the “acequia Real del Júcar”. Compensation is requested from the Ministry of Development in excess of one million euros.
  • Our Partner – Director, Antonio Benítez Ostos, in close collaboration with the Magistrate on leave of absence from the Administrative Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Andalucía, Mr. Jorge Rafael Muñoz Cortés, led the defence of Cordoba Club de Fútbol, with regard to the sports complex it was trying to build.

We are regularly relied upon by the media

The intervention of Administrativando Abogados is regularly requested by the main media in our country: both national newspapers and the most widely broadcast television and radio programmes.

They rely on our opinion on the media issues we defend and ask us for legal advice on current affairs.


Are you a media organisation?

We are also teachers

As a complement to our daily professional activity, we teach Public Law at some of the main private universities such as the “Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía de Madrid” and “Loyola Andalucía”.

We also direct the Administrative Law Section of the renowned Economist & Jurist magazine, and we are the directors of the Practical Course on Administrative Sanctioning Law given by the prestigious publishing house Thomson Reuters Aranzadi.

We also lead and teach courses in this speciality in our training school, which is a pioneer in our country: Administrativando Business School

We write in the main legal portals

We have published more than three hundred articles on our speciality in the most well-known legal portals such as Expansión, Consejo General de la Abogacía España, LegalToday, Economist & Jurist, Confilegal, El Economista, Actualidad Administrativa and Contratación Administrativa Práctica, among others.

confilegal-logo copia

We have coordinated manuals on Administrative Law

We participated in the coordination and direction of the “Manual on small contracts”, published by the prestigious publishing house Thomson Reuters Aranzadi. Fourteen of the most renowned spearheads in Administrative Law have participated as co-authors. They come from the Judiciary (High Courts of Justice of Madrid and Seville and the National High Court), the State Attorney’s Office, University Chairs, the Bank of Spain, the Administrative Public Procurement Tribunal of the Community of Madrid, the Court of Auditors and senior officials of the Public Administration.

Our track record has been awarded

Our Managing Partner, Antonio Benítez Ostos, has received the “Andalucía Excelente” award in the “Administrative Law” category, for his legal training in this discipline, professional career and projection. In June 2022, we have been recognised as a Successful Case at national level by the organisation of the Spain Legal Expo. This is the first legal and business fair in Spain, which was held at Ifema (Madrid).

Where do we intervene?

We provide services throughout all the national territory, with offices* in the main cities of Spain

* Alliances: With Utopicus, in Madrid and Barcelona. With Ignacio Valduérteles, in Seville. With Estudio Jurídico Javier Ernesto Sheffer Tuñón, in Panama. With Ernesto Jinesta Lobo, in Costa Rica. With CRC Advogados, in Oporto.


We have an international presence

Through different alliances, we project ourselves internationally in Panama, Costa Rica and Porto.