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Keys to public procurement

Public procurement plays a key role in the so-called Europe 2020 Strategy, as it is one of the internal market-based mechanisms to be used to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, while ensuring a more economically rational use of public funds.

In this way, the EU aims to increase the efficiency of public expenditure and facilitate the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in public procurement, as well as to enable public authorities to use procurement in support of common social objectives.

At Administrativando we have a team of lawyers specialised in public procurement, who have been involved in defending procedures of all kinds in this area.

Regulatory standard

The legal system for public procurement is established in Law 9/2017 of 8 November on Public Sector Contracts, which transposes into Spanish law the European Parliament and Council Directives 2014/23/EU and 2014/24/EU of 26 February 2014, and aims to regulate public sector procurement in order to ensure that it complies with the principles of freedom of access to tenders, publicity and transparency of procedures, and non-discrimination and equal treatment among bidders.

The aim is to achieve greater legal certainty and to use public procurement as an instrument to implement European and national policies on social, environmental, innovation and development, promotion of SMEs, and antitrust.


It is essential to have lawyers specialised in public procurement, as it is an eminently technical discipline that presents significant legal difficulties.

Therefore, among the most relevant advisory services provided by our lawyers in administrative contracting, we can find:

If it is a BIDDER:

  • Advice on the entire contracting procedure (constructions, works concession, service concession, supply, services), resolving any doubts or questions that may arise.
  • Preparation of tenders.
  • Appeal in contracting matters or, failing this, lodging of the corresponding administrative appeal, as appropriate, against those acts arising in the tendering procedure and which can be challenged independently.
  • Justification of abnormal or disproportionate casualties.
  • Attendance at contracting committees.
  • Intervention and defence in acts of exclusion of tenders/bidders and award of contracts.
  • Requests and processing of rebalancing or financial compensation.
  • Intervention in procedures for modification, reversion and termination of the contract.

In the case of an awarding authority (whether or not it is a public administration), our law firm, experts in public procurement, deals with the following actions:

  • Advice on all the phases and actions involved in the tendering procedure.
  • Choice of the most appropriate award procedure to follow.
  • Drafting or supervision of general and specific administrative clauses and technical specifications.
  • Determination of the estimated value of the contract.
  • Determination of the most appropriate social, labour or environmental clauses for the purpose of the contract.
  • Drafting of the necessary contractual documentation.
  • Monitoring the execution of the contract.
  • Modification, termination and reversion of the contract.

Our public procurement lawyers will analyse your case and its viability, defending you with maximum intensity both in administrative and judicial proceedings.


Si lo desea, puede contactar con nosotros de manera directa y le responderemos muy pronto.

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