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Introduction: what is environmental law?

Environmental law is one of the youngest branches of administrative law and the one with the greatest future projection due to the growing awareness that exists at a European level and, in general, at a global level, for the maintenance and care of the environment. However, due to its short history, there are just few lawyers specialised in Environmental Law.

Environmental Lawyers are those professionals who are knowledgeable about the regulatory system applicable to the protection of natural resources and their safe exploitation.

At Administrativando Abogados we have a solid team made up of experienced lawyers to meet any type of need in Environmental Law. Always with the utmost professionalism and specialisation in the sector.

Our environmental lawyers, who have a perfect command of the applicable Spanish and European legislation, work in collaboration with professionals with a technical and economic profile, in such a way as to guarantee our clients a work of the utmost legal rigour.

We also have the necessary knowledge and experience in environmental matters, which allows for a multidisciplinary approach and defence strategy at all times.

Opportunities for environmental law practice

Environmental lawyers can practice their profession in the private sector, advising companies on all matters relating to compliance with environmental regulations, as well as defending them before the courts for any environmental offences they may have committed.

In addition, environmental lawyers may also work in public institutions or public administrations with environmental competences.

Another career option for lawyers specialising in environmental matters who do not wish to practise law as such may be to teach environmental law at universities.

There is a growing demand for specialised environmental law profiles in environmental consultancies and audits, where advice is provided on projects with environmental effects.

Finally, the lawyer specialising in environmental law will also be able to develop his or her career as a technician and legal advisor to Non-Governmental Organisations fighting for the defence of the environment.

What does an environmental lawyer do?

The main function of an environmental lawyer is to advise clients on the prevention of environmental infringements. They are also the professionals in charge of defending their clients’ interests before the courts in the event of breaches of environmental law.

A professional specialising in environmental law will also be able to develop strategies and programmes for prevention and compliance with environmental regulations, with the dual aim of halting environmental deterioration and generating savings for the company through a more efficient use of its natural resources.

By way of summary, we set out below the functions that we carry out at Administrativando Abogados as an environmental lawyer.

Services we provide as environmental lawyers

Legal Advice

We provide comprehensive legal advice on all matters related to environmental law. To this end, by means of the corresponding opinions, we analyse projects as a whole or particular issues submitted to our criteria, determining their legal feasibility.

Our environmental lawyers also provide information on the possible relevance of bringing administrative and/or legal action against any type of administrative act related to the environment.

Water, Environmental Pollution and Mines

Our environmental lawyers assist clients in all types of cases related to water, spills and noise pollution, with particular emphasis on the competences of the Water Authorities – Hydrographic Confederations.

In the latter sense, we participate in the legalisation of private waters, by legal provision (less than 7,000 cubic metres and runoff), administrative concessions and authorisations, exploitation of springs, among other actions.

We also intervene in administrative or Administrative Litigation (Contencioso-Administrativo) proceedings in all sections of mining law.

Environmental Licensing

We take the necessary steps to ensure that our clients obtain the necessary authorisations to carry out their activities. In this regard, we intervene both in administrative proceedings and in the judicial phase, in the event that the competent authorities do not grant the authorisation or permit requested.

Sanctioning files

When faced with an administrative sanctioning proceeding, our environmental lawyers prepare and formulate the corresponding allegations in the preliminary investigation phase (both in relation to the initiation agreement and the proposed resolution).

Likewise, they are responsible for challenging the final decision by means of the corresponding appeal or appeal for reconsideration. If necessary, the administrative decision may also be appealed before the Courts of Justice.

Our firm
Administrativando Abogados is a national boutique of reference dedicated exclusively to Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation (Contencioso-Administrativo). We operate throughout Spain and have offices, through various collaborations, in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Badajoz and Cordoba.

Administrative Complaints 

As environmental lawyers, we bring claims against third parties who, in breach of applicable environmental regulations, cause damage or economic loss.

Climate Change

We provide advice on climate action at both domestic and EU level, such as the EU greenhouse gas emission allowance trading scheme, innovation funds, ozone layer protection, fluorinated gases, as well as any representation required by the client before the administration in connection with the fulfilment of obligations in this field of action.

Renewable Energies 

Our lawyers in environmental law provide comprehensive advice on project finance, as well as on all aspects prior to financial closure, both in the area of the authorisations necessary to execute and develop a facility and in relation to the remuneration system for the activity.

Due Diligence 

We carried out a detailed investigation into the specific environmental file, in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the scope and legal pitfalls to be faced.

Participation in Legislative Texts 

We provide advice and intervene directly in the drafting of state, regional and local regulations in the field of environmental law.

Administrativando’s team of expert environmental lawyers is at your disposal to offer you the best guidance and legal defence of your interests.


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