Social Council

As part of our internal structure, we have created a Social Council, under the honorary presidency of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Among other measures, we donate every year part of our turnover to charitable and social activities.

From left to right, Antonio Benítez Ostos, Managing Partner of Administrativando Abogados and Rafael Carmona Priego, Delegate of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Andalusia, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla.

What are the objectives?

  1. Articulate and channel the multiple efforts of the social action of Administrativando Abogados, from an advisory aspect, trying to become the expression of the company’s firm and voluntary commitment to society.
  2. In a justified manner, propose, occasionally and exceptionally, the exemption of fees in the defence of certain administrative and/or judicial proceedings, taking into account their particularities.
  3. Contribute, to the best of its abilities, to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable social groups.
  4. Promote and propose the participation of employees and collaborators of Administrativando Abogados in volunteer activities in society.
  5. Advise the company on those matters within its competence, when specifically required.
  6. The proposal of any other action and/or activity permitted by law that benefits society, living conditions, as well as the environment.

Who are the members?

When do they meet?

In ordinary session, once a year and as many times as required in extraordinary sessions.

What measures has the Social Council taken?

In 2023 (year of its constitution):

  • Donation to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, in order to build an educational center for cerebral palsy in Dornala – Srisailan (India).
  • Exemption from any type of fees, to one of the judicial procedures whose defense is being carried out by Administrativando Abogados, concerning the procedures executed theretofore, as well as those still pending to materialize.
  • Analysing and evaluating different actions aimed at raising funds for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.