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We have been considered the best law firm in Spain, number 1, in Administrative Law, by the prestigious objective ranking of judicial performance of Emérita Legal.

National coverage

We provide services throughout Spain. We have offices* in Madrid, Badajoz and Cordoba and representative offices* in Barcelona and Seville.


We deal exclusively with administrative law and Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo) proceedings, specialising in complex cases.


We combine technical excellence with premium customer service, to which we also offer maximum dedication and interest.

Antonio Benítez Ostos

«We are advocates for causes that seemed impossible»

Lawyer specialising in Administrative law and Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo)

He has held management positions in international firms such as Andersen and Martínez-Echevarría

Professor of Administrative Law at the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía in Madrid

Awarded the “Andalucía Excelente” award in the Administrative Law category

Professor of Public Law at the University Loyola Andalucía

Director of the Administrative Law Section at Economist & Jurist

The first law firm in Spain dedicated solely to Administrative law and Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo), with its own training school in this practice

Media appearances

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Media cases

We handle proceedings of the utmost social relevance and legal complexity. Among many others, the defence of the Alvia Case, requesting an independent investigation of the second most serious railway accident in Spain, the representation of the International Association of French Teachers, following the reduction of teaching to one hour a week in Madrid's secondary schools, the appeal against the centralised contracting of masks and protective equipment by the Community of Madrid, the appeal against the centralised contracting of masks and protective equipment by the Community of Madrid, and the appeal against the Supreme Court's condemnation of the Ministry of Finance for 2.8 million euros in relation to the Hotel Sol Marbella, managed by the Hotel Sol Marbella, with an estimated value of one billion euros, 2.8 million in respect of the Hotel Sol Marbella, managed by Meliá, advice to the Spanish Red Cross and representation of one of the main concessionaires of the Soria aerodrome.

What do our clients think?

We have an average rating of 5 stars on Google My Business. Check below the experience with our firm of people who hired us.

Excellent work
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He has done an excellent job, one of the best lawyers in Madrid that I know. I am very grateful and moreover the treatment is excellent and is very friendly, he explains everything in detail so that you understand. I recommend him 100%.
Commitment to defending its clients
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Thank you very much for being there to solve all our doubts at any time and at any hour. It is a pleasure to work with a professional who puts all his efforts to defend his clients against the outrages of the administration. The best expert in Administrative Law Litigation that we have been able to find. "Knowing and knowing how to prove is worth twice". P.S. The trial is won.
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Following the excellent references we had of Antonio Benítez Ostos, as a lawyer specialising in Administrative law and Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo), we entrusted him with an appeal for reconsideration on a matter of the utmost importance to our company. After preparing a frankly impeccable document (in terms of technique and length), it was upheld by the Administration. He is the best lawyer we have ever met.
Impeccable, fast and personalised service
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I am enormously grateful to Antonio Benítez Ostos. He is a great professional with an immense human quality. His attention has been impeccable, fast and personalised from the very first moment. He brings incredible confidence, not only because of his curriculum vitae, but also because of his great professionalism. He has carried out an exhaustive investigation of the case and has provided me with information and advice completely free of charge.
He explains himself beautifully
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Antonio Benítez gave us a conference on administrative law silence and explained it wonderfully. It is clear that in addition to being a lawyer, he is also a professor at several private universities. He is passionate about his work and exudes a very positive energy. His professional career makes you dizzy to read it [...].
It is a guarantee
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We hire him in our company to file all the Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo) appeals that we are presented with, given the high level of litigation we have with the Administration. He is a guarantee. If the appeal in question is not upheld, no other lawyer would be able to do it. He is also a university professor, which is an important complement when it comes to approaching each of the matters he works on.
In the skin of others
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Howard Gardner says: "a bad person will never become an excellent professional".
Therefore, what I would really highlight about Antonio's work goes beyond the management of the matter as such. In short, if you are looking for a person who will defend your case as if it were his own, if you want someone with whom you feel comfortable expressing your doubts and fears, if you want someone who will always be there for you, in everything that worries you in relation to your case, your lawyer is Antonio.
In terms of handling the matter, he is fast, efficient, knowledgeable, up-to-date and informed...although, for me, what makes Antonio a professional you should go to is, without a doubt, his high ethical potential.
We appreciate your sincerity
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He has a mastery of Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo) perplexed us. In the end, we did not take our case to him because he considered that we had no chance of defending ourselves. We were very grateful for his sincerity. He is one of the most prestigious lawyers in his field. He is a guest on television programmes, as well as on radio and in the press.
Always available
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Antonio Benítez Ostos is the best lawyer in administrative law that I have ever met. He has a very broad and rigorous vision of the subject. He is always available. I highly recommend him as he is a great professional.

Who trusts us?

Ibex 35 companies, national and international companies and investment funds, members of the Public Authority, football clubs, Public Administrations, Associations and individuals, among others.

Proyección internacional

Through different alliances, we project ourselves internationally in Panama, Costa Rica and Porto.


We have a solid team of professionals, with more than ten years of exclusive dedication to the defence of cases related to Administrative Law and Administrative law litigation (Contencioso Administrativo).

In order to guarantee the highest quality and legal rigour, Antonio Benítez Ostos, as Partner - Director of the firm, is involved in the guidance of the procedures, together with the assigned lawyers.


We provide legal services throughout Spain and have offices in the main cities of the country. Likewise, as a result of our alliance with Estudio Jurídico Javier Ernesto Sheffer TuñónEstudio Jurídico Javier Ernesto Sheffer Tuñón, we have an international presence in Panama, Costa Rica and Porto.



Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 112
28002 Madrid


Calle León, 4
06800 Mérida (Badajoz)


Calle Concepción, 4, 3º A
14008 Córdoba

Representative offices


Plaza de Gal·la Placídia, 1-3
08006 Barcelona


Calle Bartolomé de Medina, 1, 2 D2
41004 Sevilla


Avda. de las Américas, Edificio Cristal, planta baja, Oficina 4. República de Panamá.​


Esplanada do Castelo, 141
4150-196 Oporto, Portugal.

Costa Rica

Santa Ana, Av. 11 Calles 4 y 6.
San José, Costa Rica.

* Alliances: With Utopicus, in Madrid and Barcelona. With Ignacio Valduérteles, in Seville. With Estudio Jurídico Javier Ernesto Sheffer Tuñón, in Panama. With Ernesto Jinesta Lobo, in Costa Rica. With “CRC Advogados”, in Oporto.


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