Alonso Ramón Díaz career

He joined the Administration in 1997, career civil servant graduated as number 1 of his promotion, he has a wide experience in local administrative law of more than 20 years, and is currently on voluntary leave of absence.

In the last decade, among others, he carried out his duties in the Administration as Head of Sanctions and Instructor specialising in sanctioning procedures, and also performed the functions of Technical-Legal Officer of the Local Administration. He has extensive experience in intervention and processing of administrative procedures and before the Administrative Litigation jurisdiction.

Currently, according to an objective ranking of judicial performance, he is considered to be the best lawyer in Spain in administrative disciplinary law ¹. He also stands out in his other branch of knowledge in data protection law, being the winner in 2020 of the first national prize in privacy law awarded by APEP, also awarded by the Spanish Data Protection Agency in 2020, in the “A” Educational Modality Award as DPD of an Educational Centre for the “Systemic approach to the value of privacy in school teaching”.

He has received several national awards and recognitions, and teaches in the training of public employees, being the author of several publications.

He has a very high success rate in the cases in which he has been involved.

Academic background

  • Doctorate in Administrative Law, Universidad Pablo de la Olavide.
  • Degree in Law, UNED.

Complementary training

a) Postgraduate studies

  • Official Master’s Degree in Data Protection, Universidad Unir de La Rioja (2018).
  • Master’s Degree in Legal Argumentation, University of León (2021).
  • Master’s Degree in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2015).
  • University Expert in Trial Litigation Techniques, Universidad Unir de La Rioja (2021).
  • Legal & Compliance Expert in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Tokenisation and Cryptoassets, General Council of Lawyers and BI (2020).
  • University Expert in Gender Violence Intervention. University of Extremadura, Uex (2018).

b) Professional specialisation courses

  • Course on criminal liability of legal persons and corruption: legal and criminological analysis, Complutense University of Madrid (2022).
  • Course on the protection of fundamental rights and amparo proceedings (2022).
  • Course on the analysis of personnel management instruments, job descriptions and the drawing up of job descriptions (RPT) (2022).
  • Course on Litigation for the Defence of Fundamental Rights (2022).
  • Course on Litigation before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) (2021).
  • Course on Litigation in European Law: Regulations, Issues and proceedings before the CJEU (2021).
  • Course on Oral Trial Practice. Legal and Judicial Perspective (2021).
  • Course on Review Procedure of Administrative Acts (2021).
  • Course on non-payment of invoices and certifications by the Public Administration (2021).
  • Course on the approach in litigation of the question of illegality, unconstitutionality or pre-judicial (2021).
  • Course on the Legal Impact of the State of Alarm on Administrative Law (2020).
  • Course on Negotiation: Harvard Method in Collaborative Law (2020).
  • Course on Legal Rhetoric (2020).
  • Course on the Abbreviated Procedure in the Administrative Litigation Jurisdiction (2019).
  • Course Ordinary Proceedings in the Administrative Litigation Jurisdiction (2019).
  • Course The appeal for judicial review (2018).
  • Course on Evidence in administrative proceedings and its judicial review: Sanctioning Proceedings (2018).
  • Course on legal persuasion (2015).
  • Certified Facilitator and Designer Workshop of LSP method and materials (2015).2022. Best Lawyer in Spain by judicial performance index in Civil Service Law | Civil Service Examinations and Competitions2022. Best Lawyer in Spain for judicial performance index in Civil Service Law

Recognition in the discipline

  • 2022. Best lawyer in Spain for judicial performance index in Civil Service Law – Civil Service Examinations and Competitive Examinations².
  • 2022. Best Lawyer in Spain for judicial performance index in Administrative Penalties¹ and Transport Law.
  • 2022. 1st Prize in the National Privacy Law Competition of the Spanish Professional Privacy Association (APEP).
  • 2022. AEPD Award, Educational Modality “A” – Ruta de la Plata, Data Protection Delegate in the “Systemic Approach to the Value of Privacy in School Education”⁴.
  • 2022. Award as Officer in charge of Service. Awarded by the Regional Government of Extremadura in Cáceres at the International Congress: “Building the Right to Housing”.
  • 1997 – 2019. Various professional recognitions and congratulations in his work as a career civil servant in the Administration.
  • 1997. Graduated with honours as number 1 in his promotion as a career civil servant.

Books and publications

  • The inadmissibility of claims presented before the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Diario La Ley, ISSN 1989-6913, Nº 9985, edition of 10 January 2022.
  • Study of the exception to the material application of Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation, consisting of processing operations carried out by natural persons in the exercise of exclusively personal or domestic activities. La Ley privacidad, ISSN-e 2659-8698, Nº. 8 (April-June 2021), 2021.
  • Practical analysis of data protection sanctions – divided by concepts and sectors. Chapter VII Sanctions related to state security forces and corps. Pp. 259-285. Coord. by Elena and Laura Davara Fernández de Marcos, 2021, ISBN 9788413910321.
  • Study on the protection of personal data in the action of monitoring the body temperature of persons during a state of health alarm. La Ley Journal, ISSN 1989-6913, Nº 9635, 2020.
  • Protective application of the personal data regulations with regard to the recording by private individuals of interventions by police officers carried out on the public highway and their subsequent non-consensual dissemination in forums and social networks on the Internet. Diario La Ley, ISSN 1989-6913, Nº 9616, 2020.
  • Does the Data Protection Delegate have standing to directly lodge an appeal for reconsideration against resolutions of the supervisory authority in proceedings for the protection of rights? Diario La Ley, ISSN 1989-6913, Nº 9592, 2020.
  • Guía Práctica de Formación del Profesorado en Protección de Datos. 2020. AEPD⁴ Award.
  • The Data Protection Delegate in the Local Administration. UNIR. 2019.